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Track your gas usage data in real-time across multiple outlets from one app.


Get gas delivered to you before you run-out of gas.


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Public Health Expert

I switched to Homefort in April 2021, and it has been absolutely peaceful. I do cook with the utmost assurance that I will never run out of gas.

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Rukayat O.

Insurance Broker

Waking up early to prepare my family for school and work, and then realizing halfway through that I am out of gas is a total no-no. Thanks to Homefort, I never have to worry about running out gas ever again.


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Monitor your gas consumption rate

Gain full control over your gas consumption with our innovative monitoring solution. Track your usage in real-time to avoid unexpected shortages.

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Track volume of gas left in your cylinder

Effortlessly keep tabs on your cylinder's remaining gas volume for peace of mind and uninterrupted convenience.

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Track and pay gas bills in automation.

Streamline your gas bill management with automated tracking and payment systems, ensuring timely payments and peace of mind.

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Keep track of your scheduled gas delivery, with verified delivery agents.

Stay on top of your scheduled gas deliveries effortlessly with our reliable service and verified delivery agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling inquisitive? Have a read through some of our FAQs or contact our support team for assistance.

Using Homefort cylinder helps us guarantee safety of every cylinder we deliver to you. Cylinders have lifespan of 10 years. Cylinders above 10 years old are ticking time bombs. Every Homefort cylinder is uniquely identified (through barcode tags affixed); enabling us to track cylinder movement and retrieve cylinders due for maintenance. As a prospective customer, if your existing cylinder is below 10 years, you get Homefort new cylinder free of charge. But if your cylinder age is 10 years and above, you pay a discounted fee of ₦11,200 for a new cylinder.

Date of production of the cylinder is stenciled on neck of cylinders. Please refer to our medium post where we extensively explained how you can check age of your cylinder and verify if it is expired or not.

The reality is that you can't verify exact quantity of gas left in your existing cylinder yourself. The price simulation above, as the name implies is just a simulation. On the day of onboarding, a Homefort representative will bring along a digital scale to determine the exact quantity of gas left in your cylinder.

The short answer is yes. Typically, Homefort delivers gas in 12kg cylinders. The price of gas you have left in your cylinder will be deducted from the 12kg Homefort delivers to you - and you will pay for the difference. For example, if you have 9kg of gas left in your cylinder, you will be paying for 3kg I.e. (12 - 9).

No, it does not. Yearly subscription fee of ₦10,000 cover: smart meter lease and maintenance; free gas delivery fee; and cylinder maintenance.

No, it does not. Yearly subscription fee of ₦10,000 cover: smart meter lease and maintenance; free gas delivery fee; and cylinder maintenance.